The Mark Kent Mystery Series

A double reward for lovers of fast-paced, richly plotted thrillers,
both set in exotic locales throughout eastern Europe

Mark to Murder: Death in Budapest

“It is clear that Moris Senegor is comfortable with the territory he is writing about and has an affinity for espionage.” —Ray P.

When San Francisco radiologist Mark Kent gets an urgent message from his childhood friend Ahmet to meet him in Budapest, Mark arrives to discover Ahmet’s lifeless body in his suite at the luxurious Gresham Palace hotel, and a strangely bloodless scene. The mysterious murder turns Mark into an accidental sleuth, thrusting him into a treacherous world where black market, red-light district, and a cadre of investigators converge against the glittery backdrop of Budapest’s elegant boulevards and coffeehouses. Read More

The long-awaited sequel to "Mark to Murder" is now here!

The fallout from Ahmet’s black-market transplant ring finds Mark barely staying one step ahead of bloody reprisals, as they uncoil from Istanbul into the Turkish Mediterranean and then Romania. There, unbeknownst to Mark, police detective Andrei Costiniu is on a hunt to find the ringleader, whom Mark knows to be Cezar Kaminesky. Shortly after Cezar’s estranged wife, Olga, becomes Mark’s lover, she reveals a secret that puts Mark on a deadly course with Cezar. Andrei, meanwhile, unknowingly brings Mark into his daring bust, with stunning consequences for them both. But Cezar, who has learned of Olga’s affair, is a master at murder—and dead set to make his next mark. Read More

Other Books by Moris Senegor

“This is the second book I have read by Dr. Senegor and found it entertaining and full of surprises.” —Debi

Set in author Moris Senegor’s native Turkey and throughout the Mediterranean, Appassionata is an intriguing and evocative compilation of short stories. Taken together, these tales are equal parts playful, poignant, mysterious, and appealingly bizarre – a winning combination sure to appeal to fiction lovers of all tastes and backgrounds. Read More

“From the time I opened this book I was glued to it. Just a great read.” — Darlene B.

Ambitious and cocky, a young neurosurgery resident left his hometown of Chicago for what became an unforgettable adventure in San Francisco, both exhilarating and disheartening, destined to irrevocably change his future. “Dogmeat” was the moniker he was given as apprentice to a famous—and famously intimidating—neurosurgeon. Read More

A Delicious Taste of Turkish

“With the publication of Cezar’s Last Mark, I usher in my new publishing imprint: Kaymak Press. The Turkish word is pronounced ‘kai-muck.’ It is not just a delicious dessert, but also a symbol of something smooth and pleasing. Here’s how Mark Kent reacts to it on his return to Istanbul:

There was one uniquely Turkish item on the dessert spread that Mark absolutely had to try. Kaymak was an ultra-smooth clotted cream with a consistency like butter. He had not tasted it for decades. As Mark took it with a drizzle of honey, he was interrupted by the waiter bearing a seemingly empty silver tray. ‘This kaymak is excellent,’ Mark said, licking his fingers.”   — from Cezar’s Last Mark